Homestay for Students

Staying with a local family is, for International students, one of the most important arrangements that cements a positive student experience in Southern Alberta. We will be sure to integrate the student in a safe and loving homestay family.

Students and families will be carefully matched in order to insure that a great experience is had by all.  It is our greatest mission to make sure that both parties benefit from cultural exchange and friendship. It is clearly our hope that a lifetime of memories and friendships are gained through the experience. It is important to remember an open mind and positive attitude will guarantee success while the student stays in Canada.

Although the first few weeks maybe challenging it is important for the student to be patient while he/she acclimatizes to the new environment. Cultural shock and homesickness are very much apart of the process.

Canada = multicultural (all students fit in)

Canada's diversity makes for an awesome place for international students to co-exist with Canadians. Although we are predominantly English speaking in Medicine Hat, French is also an official language. All countries and languages are represented in one way or another and all are welcome here. 

Canadian Homes are large and feature basements!

The majority of our homes are larger and made from a wood frame with central heating. A very common feature in our homes is basements. Students will find bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, maybe a games room, and a T.V. room. Being in the basement does not mean it is cold and damp in the rooms. They are warm and dry just like the rest of the house is. 

Commuting is common

In our city most people need to commute to work or to school. With our city not being so big it does not take long to get around our city. Our students are very used to taking the school bus to school and back home. Our bus system in our city are safe and clean. The homestay families are not required to drive their students to and from school. The longest the students are on the bus is 15 mins to go to school and 15 mins to return home.

Canadian Families love Pets!

Many families in Medicine Hat love their pets. It is common to have dogs and cats in our homes, as we treat them like family. It is important to include on the application form if there are any allergies to animals.